Deep Down I Want to be Free - Beyond Addiction
You have enjoyed the high but it isn't serving you anymore. As you probably know, addictions come in many forms, from alcohol and drugs, eating disorders, sexual addictions, media and gaming addictions and more. The problem with addiction, is that at some point it looses its charm and impedes what would otherwise be personal, career, and relationship growth and satisfaction. Addictions are powerful and have a way of convincing us for a time that there is no other way of going through life. One's very sense of self may have become defined by the pursuit and the state of intoxication. No wonder it it can be so challenging to do away with addiction's grip! When you or others in your life ask you to quit the addiction, they are in a sense asking you to give up a large part of who you feel you have become. 
Just about any growth we take on takes us through different stages of fear, pain, disorganization, grief, challenge, and more. I think you already know that it is precisely these ordeals that forge us into the ever evolving beings that we are. In essence, recovery from addiction becomes recovery of Self, recovery of one's truth and sense of wholeness. 
If you have been through rehab and want on-going support, if you want support to embark upon change, or if you are just curious about life beyond addiction, I encourage you to give me a call. 

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