Individual Counseling
Controlling and Toxic Parent Relief

Do you loath family events, fearing the inevitable shock and humiliation of inappropriate comments or tirades by one of your parents?
Even if you no longer live at home, you may still be dealing with the aftermath of growing up with a parent or parents who categorically could not see you as an individual with your own needs and opinions. In fact, that parent may have used guilt, intimidation, humiliation, coercion, disregard, and other disrespectful means in an attempt to control you, disallowing your self-hood to be honored and nurtured. The effects of this kind of mistreatment can be maddening, depressing, and anxiety provoking.

If you are shaken in disbelief by the lack of respect from your parents, as if you exist only as an extension of their own needs and desires, how about putting a stop to all of this and getting freedom from the pain!
Feel good about yourself and your life choices. Feel confident to pursue your life, your goals, to be yourself and to be loved for who you are!
I like helping people like you gain freedom from the suffering caused by such insensitivity. Gain the support and tools to feel good about taking on your life like you want to and getting the respect and love that you deserve.

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