Anger Management 
A vital practice for us all.


I believe Anger Management is a spiritual practice that
each of us is called upon to cultivate and practice. 
"Anger Management", we have all heard about it. Unfortunately, it sounds like we need to strangle our anger into submission. In some instances, this may be the best option. For some of us, in the beginning, it is our only approach. With attention and practice, however, more constructive methods for transforming our anger may be learned.
I draw from Buddhist principles such as mindfulness and compassion to develop the skills and perspective that help us return to more constructive mental states. Like any skill, we need training and practice. Ultimately, I believe that the happier we are, the less possible it is to become angry. Have you ever been angry and happy at the same time? And, just what is true happiness? 

I offer instruction to individuals and groups. If you are interested in either, please contact me to see which would benefit you the most. Groups of all kinds can be formed both long term and short term and for different age or gender groups. In some cases, I will travel to the group's meeting place for class.
One day, I would like to rename Anger Management to "Happiness Class".

Topanga, CA 90290 - 310-493-1334