Mindful Awareness


Mindful Awareness is the active awareness and acceptance of our thoughts, emotions, and sensations as they occur in the mind and body. In daily life, with the observing mind--the mindfully aware mind--in motion, there is a buffer, a space in which other discerning abilities may be accessed and then employed. So before we react impulsively, out of bad habit, we are better able to reflect on the situation at hand and respond more wisely.
The more stillness we are able to cultivate and practice, through such means as Mindful Awareness, Breathing Meditation, physical, creative, and therapeutic activities, etc., the greater our capacity becomes for accessing and employing our greater inner wisdom and capacities such as loving kindness and patience even in adverse situations. The art and practice of becoming still and aware allows us to open up to greater inner quiet and peacefulness. When we are still and mindfully aware in the presence of another person, we have a greater capacity to feel love and compassion for that person, and we will certainly feel a greater desire to resolve problems peacefully. This type of attitude has a very beneficial ripple affect out into the world around us.

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