Why I Love What I Do
If you asked me at a very young age what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would answer that I wanted to be a brain surgeon or I wanted to sell flowers on the corner of the street. Somehow, I thought both of these occupations seemed to hold some secret to transforming the suffering I saw and experienced in the world. The search took me in many directions including the study of International Relations and Spanish Literature at UCLA and working for several foreign policy councils in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., all with the objective to work on world peace. I still had not found a way to work humanely, directly, and compassionately with people until I found psychotherapy and the practice of it! I received my Masters in Counseling Psychology at Pacific Graduate Institute where the emphasis is on Depth Psychology.

What I discovered was that in order to heal emotionally, we often need the full attention of another caring and genuine individual, worthy of our trust, who is strong enough to witness the pain and knowledgeable enough to guide us through it. Psychotherapy along with the methods of Somatic Experiencing (SE) embodies the whole picture for me. It is possible to address the parts of the brain associated with emotional well-being to actually redirct and establish neuronal pathways for healthy functioning. It could be likened to brain surgery for the emotional mind/body without the surgery! In fact when the senses are restored, such things as flowers with their incredible design, color, and scent may become a potent reminder of joyful existence. Interesting what a child's intuition might hold. I find my work to be at once direct, creative and effective in transforming suffering! And, less individual suffering means more world peace!

I have practiced psychotherapy for a decade and feel the greatest revere for this work and the individuals who come in to face their emotional pain and transform themselves. It is my strength to stay right there where it is tough and walk along and guide and be guided by the individual's journey. Great gratification comes from the unique relationship between therapist or counselor and client and the life affirming growth that takes place in the process of the work. I consider attending therapy one of the greatest investments and experiences we can undertake for ourselves. Therapy adds to our health and well-being, and it opens up a world of depth and dimension to our lives.
Whenever we work on ourselves, we contribute to the well-being of ourselves as well as others. This is a noble endeavor.

Therapy Works
Psychological work requires a respectful and compassionate approach, and it takes a professional to point out tips and techniques along the way. Each journey is unique so my approach with each person depends on their particular needs. The therapy I provide is informed by both traditional Psychodynamic and Cognitive-Behavioral techniques as well as Buddhist psychology, Jungian psychology, Self psychology, Existentialism, Humanism, and very importantly, Somatic Experiencing (SE) which is effective in the treatment of traumas of all kinds, and focuses on awareness of the body. SE assists in helping the nervous system find its way back to healthy functioning.

We can attempt to ignore our emotional pain, but then it will often get stuck within us, lodged somewhere in our very bodies like a knot. It may even manifest as a physical illness. The emotional and/or survival energy has to go somewhere, so if we haven't worked it through in a constructive manner, then it may get expressed outwardly in actions we wish we did not take. The support of friends and family is wonderful when we have it, but many times the help of someone, a professional, outside our personal circle, is beneficial in order to have the mental and physical space required to sink into the work.
If you are considering therapy, I strongly encourage you to take the plunge and give it a try. You have the opportunity to maximize your incredible life!

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