I am a Mind/Body Psychotherapist with over a decade of experience.
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  • Could your relationship use a tune-up?
  • Is an addiction getting in the way?
  • Have you been struggling with anxiety and/or depression that won't go away?
  • Are you at a loss of what to do? There is help!

One of the most important sources of happiness and contentment in our lives comes from the enjoyment of satisfying relationships with the people we share our lives with. These could be relationships with our significant others, our parents, our children, other family members, friends, work associates, and even ourselves. What if one or more of these relationships are not satisfying and you feel you have tried and tried and nothing has worked? Is an addiction getting in the way? Are you carrying around the burden of an untreated trauma? All of this may be contributing to feelings of depression, anxiety, exhaustion, and distress.

Psychotherapy is no longer simply talk therapy. Unless the mind and the body are addressed in treatment, we are not affecting lasting change. The whole person must be addressed.

Somatic Experiencing (SE®) is a Mind/Body Psychotherapy highly effective in the treatment of  emotional wounds, addiction, and trauma. As we work on healing ourselves, our own mind/body connection, we begin to arrive in the present moment where we are able to stay connected to ourselves while engaging with others. This work is essential for healthy and lasting relationships.

Take matters into your own hands and get valuable support! It is available.

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